Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bad Reaction to IVIG - Again

His labs look good. His kidney function creatine was a little high. The doctor said his Prograf level (10.5) is a little high which could contribute to the high creatine.

Today is Thursday. David went into the Day Hospital on Tuesday for IVIG and Zenopax infusions. They gave him the other brand of IVIG (GammaGuard) which he is allergic to. His lips started puffing up and they went into emergency mode, which is hospital procedure. If you ever have a child whose lips suddenly puff up, do something quick. It means his airways are closing off. They stopped the infusion, gave Zenopax then we went home. They made a note that he is allergic to GammaGuard, so next time he will get GammaNex.

After we got home things got worse. He could not keep anything down. I called the doctor today since he hasn't had any meds either. The Dr. said to give him Benydryl. That knocked him out for another 4 hours. When he awoke he ate and drank some stuff but could not keep that down either. He is up right now (Thursday night about 10:30pm) and had milk, 4 bites of yogurt, and leftover macarroni. He seems more perkey but definetly not himself.

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