Monday, December 17, 2007

Bad Cough

David has a bad cough and nose cold. Coughs always scare me because his lungs are so delicate and susceptible to infection while being immunosuppressed. Some serious downward spirals can occur. He's had a lung infection in the past (mycobacteria) so that makes me think his lungs are easy targets.

So he recovered from the IVIG allergic reaction - now he has a bad cough to battle.

He's not breastfeeding any more. I used a pump the other day and got a couple drops of milk out. Sometimes he sucks at night but that is the worse time since milk production is usually greater in the morning. Now that he is not on breastmilk I worry because of GI infections and other immune problems which I believe the breastmilk can prevent. IVIG infusions work great to boost the immune system too...when they don't give him the wrong brand...or when his body does not mount up a defense.

Good night all!


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