Monday, May 17, 2010

+1390 Steroid update

David has been on .6mls or 2mg of prednisolone for 19 days. I have not seen any flareups. His red face and peeling hands are not improving but are not getting worse. His overall body composition is less swollen and less cushinoid. He's been feeling ok, but his appetite and diet are not that great. He seems to enjoy one large meal per day. His next appointment will be on May 26th. Thank you for checking on us and for your prayers.


Errica said...

Hooray! What great news!!

Susan said...

WOW GREAT this is great news..
Keep the the MIRACLES Coming Girl
you are doing such a wonderful job you are a A1 Mum with Triple pluses girl..
GO DAVID keep it comming boy..
Till next time
Take Care

Paige said...

Wonderful news! We've been praying for him every day and will keep doing so. Let us know how the dr. appointment goes!