Thursday, May 27, 2010

+1400 Hypothyroidism and Skin Update

On Weds, Stanford tested David's thyroid hormones again. Unfortunately, the TSH came back high again at 26 (normal is 6). The T3 was borderline low. The T4 is normal at 1.4.

Dr. Karabana speculates that this is an autoimmune problem that is not uncommon for WAS patients after transplant. See article.

Other tests that were done to confirm autoimmunity were: Antithyroglobulin antibody (TgAb), and the Thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAb). The TgAb tested positive, which indicates autoimmunity. The TPO was normal.

Since he tested positive for TgAb, he will need to take 1/2 tablet of Thyroxine each day for about 1 year. The positive aspect of this is that he might start to grow! Hypothyroidism can effect growth and development, so maybe this is an answer to his growth problems.

He has been on .6ml prednisolone for 30 days. His skin is showing some signs of flareup. His Prograf level was 4.5 which is a little low. We are increasing his Prograf to 2mls/twice day, and I will be apply more topical creams to his skin to help control the GVHD. I will do this for one week and see what happens.

Thanks for checking on us!

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Peter Olson said...

This sounds encouraging.
Praying for that growth to kick in.
Praying for comfort and reduced GVHD issues.
Praying for complete healing for David.
Praying for wisdom for the best care decisions.
Praying for a really fun summer time for David.
May God Bless That Young Man!