Thursday, July 22, 2010

+1455 Doing Pretty Good

Time flies. We took a road trip to Yellowstone (May 28-June 12) and we all got a fast GI stomach bug. David ended up in the ER in Bozeman, Montana for about 12 hours for observation. We all got through OK but David was nauseous most of the car trip. He took an anti-nausea pill that helped a lot.

Some BIG news...He turned 6 on June 7th!

We've been home enjoying the summer without many activities planned.

David's skin looks good as long as I keep applying the topical ointments. His hands and face are the most involved and even the ointments don't work 100%, but he does look better. The rest of his body looks good. His blood pressure has been fantastic! I cannot see any signs of growth, except he said his shoes (the pair he has had for 3 yrs) are tight! He has lost weight, now he's 35 lbs. He's not eating as much as I would like. He is so picky; some days it drives the whole family crazy.

We had some insurance issues so he has not seen the endocrinologist yet. His nurse coordinator at Stanford is trying to get him in earlier than October.

Current meds:

Levothoroxane - 1/2 tab daily
Prednisolone - .6ml/twice/day
Prograf - 1.0ml/twice/day
Vfend - 2ml/twice/day
Septra - 4ml/twice/day
Isradipine 2ml/twice/day
Catapress patch - whole patch/once/week
Multi vitamin
Omega Oils
Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc supplement

Thank you for checking on us and for your prayers. Things are looking better and we hope it stays that way when school starts in September.

His Lego table where he spends hours of time.
I don't know the name of this. It's a Star Wars Lego kit he received for his 6th birthday.
I don't know the name of this. It's a Star Wars Lego kit he received for his 6th birthday.

He wanted me to sew some camo pants for him.

Random Lego creations that he loves to photograph.


Anonymous said...

Your boy is so talented with the legos! What career will that lead to? Hmmm...Legoland set designer? haha! Architect?

I'm glad you are all doing well! Love ya,

Susan said...

Hi Aimee..

Glad to hear your all doing ok and Our David is doing well..
Love the lego How good is he..

Sorry to hear you all had a bug hope everyone is well now..

Sumathi said...

Hi Aimee,

David is just amazing with the legos.

Good to hear that his skin and BP are improving! Growth will follow.

Take care,


Peter Olson said...

How about:
8019 Republic Attack Shuttle™
8088 ARC-170 Starfighter™


Thanks for the update on David.
He is a very impressive young man.
Happy belated Birthday!
Have a great summer, and safe travels!