Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Blessing Today

I am in awe! God has placed a woman in our lives whose 14 year old son has a mild form of WAS. She only lives 5 minutes from our home. I met her online through a guestbook forum for Primary Immunodeficiencies. There were only 15 entries on the forum dating back from early 2004. There are no other forums for WAS that I am aware of - it's so rare. With forums, most of the time the email addresses are outdated. I decided to write this woman because her one entry looked more interesting than the others. When she wrote back she was very kind and gave me a doctor's name at the National Institute of Health. We corresponded about 3 times before she read my blog and saw I lived in Silicon Valley. She only lives 5 minutes from me!!!! I could not believe that! I was in awe! This morning we talked on the phone for about 1 hour. She has a wealth of information. Then, she came over with about 10 copies of current medical journal articles on WAS. She has given me several more referrals too.

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