Thursday, July 21, 2005

Care Pages

There is a ten page blog on Care Pages about a recent WAS patient named Rand Johnson, who was about 1 year old when he had a stem cell transplant. His sister was a donor. From their journey, I learned a lot about the BMT process. Rand was given many, many drugs. I did not like reading about that part of the process. The chemo that kills the old bone marrow can be so hard on every major organ, especially the liver. Also, the drugs have horrible side effects. It's so hard to imagine an infant enduring this type of treatment. But Dr. Glader ensures us that the earlier the better. Rand was a hefty child and had great eating habits before undergoing the BMT. The BMT was a success and he is fully engrafted. I worry about little David. He is a strong boy, a lot stronger than the girls at this age, but he is not hefty and he is not a great eater. Although, since he is cutting a large molar, he is breastfeeding like crazy. Ouch! I'm going to try to stay focused on eating extra nutritious foods to beef him up!

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