Tuesday, July 19, 2005

DNA Results

We had a consultation with Dr. Glader and Nancy today. The DNA results verified the Wiskott-Aldrich mutation. We asked a lot of questions. We are taking one step at a time. The next step is for Michael, myself, Adira and Ariella to be tissued-typed. It's just a stick in the arm. We have some magic cream to numb the girls' arms. A tissue type test is used to see if the antigens or the "uniform" worn by the white blood cells in the bone marrow match David's white blood cells. David needs an exact tissue type match for a bone marrow transplant. There is a 40% chance one of the girls is an exact match. There is not a likely match from one of his parents, relatives, friends, or stuft animals. Although, we are so greatful for all the offers! If you are serious and want to donate bone marrow, join the National Donor Program and have your blood tissue-typed for $65-$96. Our prayer is that Adira or Ariella are a perfect match. God is the ultimate match-maker. Please God, make us a match.

We are thankful David does not have serious symptoms. He is not sickly. He has had a couple of bouts of eczema but not too serious. His immunoglobulin tests have been normal, so that is a great sign that his immune system is functioning great. He is active, walking, bumping into things (with his soft helmet on), and really a smart little boy. We hope and pray his symptoms will remain mild and that his immune system will stay strong.

He had a 101 degree fever today which was alarming. He did not have an appetite and wanted me to hold him all day. This year I received the Velcro Mommy Award because David and I are attached at the hip. When David woke up from a nap he was screaming, then I saw the culprit. A huge molar is coming in! Ouch! It looks like it really hurts. Whew! I felt a huge weight removed from my heart.


Anonymous said...

We printed out this darling picture of David along with your prayers for him. We will faithfully pray for David and your family. May God bless you for your faith in HIM.
Marisa Conroy

Anonymous said...

What a precious picture! God is so good and He is faithful to deliver us out of all our troubles, so keep that faith. When you gave David's life and health over to God, I can't think of a better way to demonstrate that faith. We are praying with you in faith, and know God is in full control and will respond in His perfect way. Love, Mel and Barb

Pudgy Pencils said...

What were your little boy's initial symptoms that led to his WAS diagnosis? Or was it suspected from the beginning because someone else in your family had it before? He is such a cutie and the faith displayed in your blog is so encouraging! Thank you for posting, and I'm praying for David!