Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Petechiae Coming Back

David is not looking well this week. The petechiae is coming back. His eyes look tired. He has watery eyes and puss in the corner of the eyes. He is more cranky. He is bruising again. This all has to do with his platelets. Other than that, he is fine. No infections, no respiratory illness.

His eyes have always concerned me. Almost every time we go to church or out in public people look at him (only because he is a cute baby) and the first thing they say is, "He looks tired." This has always bothered me. Not that I was offended, but that was a clue to me that something is not right with him.

He saw the pediatrition today. He gave us a referral to see a pediatric opthamologist. We are coming in contact with a lot of doctors! How many different doctors are we seeing now: pediatrition, cardiologist, hematologist, opthamologist, immunologist. Oh, I cannot forget the most important physician of all - God! We spend time with Him every day.

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