Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Test Results

New test results from NIH provided some bad news for David's Wiskott-Aldrich protein. His T-Cells are showing no Wiskott-Aldrich protein. His B-cells are showing very, very little protein. This is very bad news, as we thought he did produce the Wiskott-Aldrich protein.

Everyone produces the Wiskott-Aldrich protein. In David's case, we originally thought from Stanford's test that he had decreased protein, but still produced some protein. The NIH test is showing no protein which is alarming. WAS children who are really sick have negative protein. The doctor at NIH said the test result is confusing because David lacks symtoms.

The test run at NIH was by flow cytometry. They agreed to run another test by Western Blot. This should confirm negative or positive WASP. We'll need to wait another month.

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