Thursday, September 29, 2005

Our Good Friend, Jack

Our good friend Jack emailed this prayer to us. I do not mean to boast. Rather, his honest words are exactly what we needed to hear. It is in heartfelt prayers and fervancy that we seek God's healing. It's important to us to seek God's intervention with prayers like this.

Father in Heaven,

The detailed description of David's medical dilemma is confirmation to me that You are God and how You've created each of us, is very unique and special. We are limited in our knowledge of the human body and all that it takes for us to operate for You here. So, I pray my Lord that You will find it both in Your will and in Your compassionate heart to heal David's condition without treatment or a transplant. I know and believe that You can and do make exceptions. Make one for him so we can honor it by giving clear testimony to the working of Your hand. There's a place in David's being that needs only one touch from You and I ask in faith that You touch it for him now. Embrace this incredible family today with a miracle. I thank You in advance and pray this in the precious name of Your son, Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

This prayer says what I've been saying for months!! So wonderfully and lovingly said and a fantastic inspiration. Thank you with my whole heart!
Aimee's Mom