Monday, September 19, 2005


David is doing great physically. He's been climbing stairs at the park and pushing his limits, which makes me a nervous wreck. Today he climbed the wiggly ladder and went down the slide. Ariella loves to catch him at the bottom. She even ran from the monkey bars over to the bottom of the slide to catch him. The helmet is a life savor. He tumbled off the bed tonight (while all three of them were jumping on our bed) but he had the helmet on so no damage done - another good save.

He said "baby" for the first time today, pointing at the baby doll and of course, giving her a kiss. This made me very, very happy because for the past 15 months he has called everything "mama." He also learned shoe in sign language last week. He is really interested in books too. He sits down with the girls near the book shelves and reads books on the floor with them. He carefully (most of the time he's careful) turns the pages and joyfully responds to illustrations especially animals.

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