Thursday, March 23, 2006

No MRI Today

My mistake. I gave David 1/2 cup of yogurt at 8:00am. I took him into Stanford at 1:00 for the MRI. They could not take him because he ate a solid. There is a difference between a solid and a liquid, or things that you can see through. I was told, after midnight he could eat things that you can see through, for example, water, apple juice and jello. Well, we drink unfiltered apple juice, so that is out. We do not eat jello, so that is out. Water does not sound very appetizing for breakfast. One good thing is that I could breastfeed him until 9:00am. So, I did. I live and learn.

I'm so bummed though. I was hoping to get some preliminary results tomorrow and possibly get the ok to stop the anit-seizure med (Keppra) and if the scan looked great, get approval to stop the platelet transfusions.

Big sigh!

We're off to Harley Goat Farm tomorrow, which is near the ocean. The ocean has healing effects for me. There is something about the ocean that wisks my troubles away, exactly what I need right now.

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