Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Good News

The platelet transfusion today was cancelled. David got a huge boost from the last transfusion. His platelets were about 250,000. It must have been a fresh batch of platelets. The hematologist is more likely to allow more time between transfusions since his brain hemmorhage is clear. This is great news!

The BMT team is not moving the date. We are tentative for July 9. Also great news!

The next transfusion is scheduled for Friday. I will see a BMT nutritionist at Stanford. Also, I am trying to schedule an appointment for the girls to see a Child Life Specialist. Our BMT coordinator also suggested for David to see the Child Life Specialist. The girls saw one about 6 months ago. They help children process the upcoming BMT, answer any questions, and provide guidance for the parents. They do the evaluation while the children do art projects.

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