Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm Glad Today Is Over

OK, I'm a bit double-minded (that's the term used in the bible, I wonder if today's term is "bi-polar?"). Just kidding. First I said "Life is Beautiful" now I'm saying whoa, life is pretty difficult today. We had an exhausting day! Whew! Got a few lessons in then off to Stanford for a 12:00 appt. with Dr. Glader, hematologist. After that, David was scheduled for a transfusion. I figured we would be out of there by 2:30. Not. They did not tell me the transfusion was at 4:30. And, Dr. Glader had personal issues and did not see us. So, we had plenty of time for more lessons. Again, the girls lived up to all the training I have given them. They were so obedient, careful, quiet, respectful, and kept themselves busy the entire time. They are such a blessing to me at this very difficult time in my life. The girls could really make life miserable for me while waiting 4-1/2 hours, but they were so good and happy. If you ever feel led to send them a card telling them how you've heard about their good behavior, that would be absolutely wonderful. David gets soooo much attention, the girls really need to be praised.

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