Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Platelets Every Other Week

Yeah! Finally spoke to Dr. Glader and we agreed with platelet transfusions every other week. The three children and I spent from 9am to 2pm at Stanford. Totally ridiculous. I complained. They compensated by giving us a $20 certificate for the gift store. At least the girls got all their school work done and more.

The family's physical health seems to be ok. I came down with a stomach bug and something in my intenstines keeps growling. My energy level is very low. I just hope all the illnesses we've had is a good sign that we will not be ill during the BMT.

We've been enjoying the beautiful, sunny, warm weather. After school today the children enjoyed playing in the pool and the mud. David had mud on his nose which got the girls giggling. I gave them all a good bath but while I was tending to the girls, David was in my room putting lotion all over his body. Good timing. In the bath he went.

I need to brag a little....I took the girls to an indoor rock climbing gym. In one hour, Adira climbed the walls 8 times, Ariella 4 times. They were awesome! I loved the feeling of encouraging every step they took.

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