Monday, June 05, 2006


When we were at Stanford for David's platelet transfusion on Friday. I spoke with the BMT Coordinator. Here is the scoop:

David's donor is 25, male, CMV-, and B+ blood type, he is a 10/10 match.
The donor agreed to donate on July 20th. David goes into Stanford on July 9th for chemotherapy conditioning.
The donor is undergoing a workup, meaning he is undergoing testing to make sure he is healthy.
David will have his Broviac Catheter put into his heart vein towards the end of June, after we hear that the donor has a clean bill of health. The Broviac is minor surgery and he will need anethesia. The Broviac is used to administer all the drugs.
We are set to be admitted on July 9.

Now is the time to keep him healthy. If he is not healthy, the Broviac will be postponed, and possibly the BMT date. Flu season is over, however, we are in need of extra protection.

Thank you for keeping up with David's blog. I receive emails from friends and family telling me how much they appreciate reading the blog. I appreciate your encouragment and prayers.

Take good care,


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