Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Upcoming Procedures

It's been a hectic day on the phone today! Things are getting very stressful! We would appreciate prayers for the following upcoming procedures starting this week:

Thursday - Dentist. Praying there are no cavities or mouth problems
Thursday - Cardiologist for EKG and ECHO plus x-rays of sinuses
Monday - Platelet Transfusion
Tuesday - Surgical procedure to install the Hickman central line. This will be a semi-permanent tube (remaining for many months) where blood samples are taken and drugs are administered.
Thursday - last BMT consultation and we sign the consent forms


Anonymous said...

Your parents will be staying at our chalet and mentioned to them about our daughter Cheyanne who has also been through a BMT. We were first to go to Maryland and because of some twists ended up at L.A. Childrens which was much closer to home for us,(Portland)What a beautiful boy David is. I forwarded your Blog to our church that I know will embrace it with prayer. Anyway Would love to chat with you but am uncomfortable with everyone being able to read it. So if at anytime you would want to talk please e-mail me directly. Cheyanne did have graft vs. host before and after transplant. We had less than 10% success rate because we did not have a perfect match. I was 5/10 and my husband was 6/10 and were shocked when they chose me over my husband. We were both CMV positive as most are as I am sure you know. What an amazing blessing to find a perfect match, thats half the battle! Are they using ATG before transplant? Just wondering if they still do that. You and your family have a long road ahead of you and your journey will undoubtly touch thousands of lives. You will remain in our hearts and prayers, God Bless, Lori Putnam

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