Friday, July 28, 2006

Day -4 That's my boy

So far so good. The toxic drugs arrived and have been going for a while. The Campath is covered in a black bag b/c it's sensitive to light. The nurse said he would knock out with the IV Benadryl but he is awake and playing...That's my boy! He also got Tylenol and Hydrocortisone. Nothing knocked him out. This is the same boy that woke up during anesthesia.

His line became uncurled. The nurses put a curl under the tape to give it some space to move around. They tape it down good so it won't move. Today, we noticed the curl came undone. The dressing looks a little bloody. We have no idea how the curl came out. He likes to stay active so maybe in all his jumping and moving around it came out. Just to be sure the line is still centrally located, Lizzy ordered a STAT x-ray of this chest. I pray it has not moved.

Ate some oatmeal and drank water. Still prefers breastfeeding ;-)

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