Monday, July 10, 2006

Going Home and Bacteria ID

We are going home in a few hours after his last dose of Vacomyocin. They are sending us home with IV antibiotics which the home nurse will train me to use. David is doing great. We've been outside all over the hospital campus and parts of the Stanford campus. We even went to Andronicos across the street to get some real food and drinks. This week will be extremely busy for our family. Please pray we take it one day at a time. Please pray for David's protection from any falls or infections. Please pray that I am extremely careful in handling the IV medications.

The bacteria was identified. If you don't like to read about bacteria, please stop here. There were many bacteria in the blood samples.. Three were identified. First, was Coag Negative staphylococcus. Staph is very common on everyone and hard to get rid of in plastic tubing. However, God was good by removing the bacteria from the lines. The next two are from stool. I'm not sure how stool got into his lines. One is Enterococcus avium - hmmm, is this from birds? We have birds, but not for long. The doctors had not heard of this one before, so I'll have to Google it. The other is a very common one called Bacillus. Poor David, no more outside dirt play for him. No way. Maybe in 18-24 months...

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