Sunday, August 13, 2006

Day +12

His Adenovirus came back negative, so that means he does not have contagious conjuntivitis. Dr. Link ordered a tube of erthomyocin ointment to apply 1x/day to both eyes. It's a preventive med. He said it will not get rid of the red eye. Apparently, he has some type of conjunctivitis, just not a bad case of it. He weighs 12.0 kilos. He ate ok today. He seems to really like the Odwalla Superfood drink and Pesto Tortellini. He's been active. He loves the Doodle Board and blowing bubbles. He learned how to trace his hands and he loves me popping his bubbles ;-)

Dr. Link is surprised he has had no infections or fevers. In the beginning of his chemo treatment, David received a lower dose of Cyclophosphamide (chemo) compared to what most children receive. The low dose considerably cut down on the side effects. He has no mucositis. Mucositis is sores in the mouth, that get infected b/c the mouth is full of bacteria. This usually leads to infections of the lungs, intestines, etc. It's a bad cycle and can be life threatening. Most children who get mucositis also get morphine because it's so painful. Also, the children cannot eat so they are given a nasal tube or artificial nutrition through IV. One drawback of his particular regimen is that the engraftment takes about 5 days longer. That's the downside. We hope he continues down the no infection/no fever path until the day of engraftment.

Michael visited for two hours. As I was jogging around the gardens at Stanford, I stopped to listen to a casual group of middle-aged adults singing hymns acapella. They asked if I wanted to join them ;-) Courtesy of our friends, we had a Mexican-themed lunch with Fiesta Casserole and Kidney Bean Chili topped with sour creme and avocado. One of the nurse assistants who is Hispanic made a meal for her co-workers and shared her fresh cactus salad. It was good to see my hubby and spend time talking.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear David is doing so well. I am interested why your doctors chose this protocol, of the milder chemo, when our doctors over here advised us against it?
Keep smiling,
Belinda Friedman

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