Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day +23

WBC 400
Platelets 84K
Hemoglobin 12.9
Temp 36.7 C
Weight 11.9 kilos

Everything is up today and his temp went down! I asked at what point would they use GCSF (cell growth stimulating factor) and Dr. Weinberg, the BMT head doctor, does not want to use GCSF. They want to see his cells return on their own. A doctor after my own heart. I was shocked to see his platelets up so high. No transfusion today! Unfortunately, he has a phlegm cough and does not want to eat, only breastfeed. His weight is stable so I hope he gets hungry soon.


Anonymous said...

How's his iron count? If he's not doing so hot, you need to take the "meds" for him so it's in your breast milk. See what you can do: kelp, echinecia, molasses, etc. Sounds like he needs more iron and trace minerals. And you need to remember your B complex for all the stress you're going thru.
Take care, Mom E

Anonymous said...

Hello Aimee,
I know I am not a doc but I am really shocked that they would not give David the GCSF earlier than later. As it was with Gyasi, the BMT team believed that the GCSF helped jump start the bone marrow learn what it had to do and how to produce the cells. And by jump starting with GCSF it was less stressfull on him because then he wouldn't have to have a bone marrow aspirate so soon after having his immune system wiped out. I believe he was on GCSF for a week or two and then no more. His counts (cell growth) went up then tapered a bit but maintainted at no less than 80/20 sister/Gyasi at around 2months post transplant. He was never on steroids either. I was VERY thankful for that because the steroids are SOOO difficult to taper them off and the irratibility is no piece of cake for us the hard working mother to deal with.
Aimee, just talk more about options with the doctors and know that you guys are continuously in my prayers.

Aimee said...

GCSF is not necessary. His count recovered on their own. Using GCSF may have made the GVHD rash worse. If his counts would not have recovered on their own, they would have used GCSF. The particular protocol of meds they used for David indicated that the cells would not recover until Day +25. And they did just that! Since it was known the cells would not recover until then, we all felt comfortable waiting and not using GCSF.