Friday, August 25, 2006

Day +24

WBC 500
Hemoglobin 12.6
Platelets 47k
Temp 36.2
Weight 11.9

We've been here 30 days. Had more WBC growth today. The platelets are not plummeting, so no transfusion today. His temp is normal. Weight is stable. He ate a few bites of cherrios and drank a lot of milk. Talitha is bringing a bunch of supplements for me that are known to increase appetite. I hope they get through the breastmilk to increase his appetite. He is active today and in a better mood. He slept well last night. I requested a chewable multivitamin and to my surprise Lizzie will order one.

Dr. Argawal took him off Actigal (prevents liver disease) b/c his liver functions have been beautiful. He has a rash on his back, it's under the skin, not raised. He got Benadryl (antihistamine) with the Vancomyocin (antibiotic) but that did not help the rash. The rash might be GVHD (graft-vs-host disease), which is common and expected at this stage in the process. Please pray the rash goes away and that his appetite increases.

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