Saturday, August 26, 2006

Day +25 GVHD Rash

WBC 600
Platelets 26
Hemoglobin 11.7
Temp 102

He spiked a high temp this morning, so got Tylenol. He had a dry cough all night, not sure why. I'm tired, dehydrated and with headache. The rash on his head and back spread to his torso. The spots are bigger and more numerous. This is GVHD (graft-vs-host disease) where the donor t-cells attack David's tissues. Although there is an attack, at the same time there is a graft happening, which is exciting. Rashes are common and expected with unrelated donors. The nurse is fully aware of what is happening and she told the doctors. The doctors did not come rushing in, so I expect to see them around lunch time. They might start steroids to stop the attack. There is another 2-year old boy with WAS here who had the same response. He is ready to go home and looks great. Please keep praying.

He is not as active and moody. He is not eating much. He sang, "Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou, skip to my Lou my darlin." Here are some photos: His Noah's Ark Playmobil, sisters reading to him, alphabet box, my future's so bright I've gotta wear my shades (Warning: I'm Two), handmade scarf and blanket given to him from a volunteer, cards made by the South Dakota church.

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