Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day +43 and +44 To Life! To Life! Lachayim!

WBC 6000
ANC 5000
Platelets 118k
Hemoglobin 11.6 - went up a little on it's own

Day +44
We had a nice stroll to the mall today. I timed it around David's nap so I could window shop at my own pace. This evening, Michael watched David so I could go grocery shopping. David is feeling well and has an increased appetite. He always wants to open the refrigerator, which he never wanted to do at home. I think it's the steroids finally kicking in. He had corn on cob, strawberries, milk and more milk, rice, cherrios, hot oatmeal, yogurt drink, water, and his usual breastmilk. He is doing well with his meds and I'm doing ok with setting up the overnight IV hydration.

We got great news that our 6 year old daughter, Adira, won an art contest for the To Life! Jewish Cultural Festival happening this weekend in Palo Alto. It's a huge annual event. She won $100, but don't tell her, okay? It's a surprise! She will get her reward on the Children's Stage at 1:30pm. I have to give credit to the nanny too, who busted her buns to get the art pieces in at the last minute.

Day +43
After two car loads, Michael got us moved into RMH. It's a beautiful area. We are in the Garden Immune Wing with 6 other families. We have a view of a huge California Live Oak tree! The room is small, but big enough for David and I. Everything looks new and well kept. I share the kitchen with three other families. There are two refrigerators, so I share one with Monica and her 5 yr old son Joseph, who had Sickle Cell Anemia before his transplant. There are three outdoor play structures and a play house. There is a gym for the adults. It's challenging keeping every thing clean with 6 other families in this wing. There is another family here (African American) whose son had WAS. We haven't had much time to exchange stories b/c her son just got a fever and they had to go back to the hospital. Bummer. We are having a nice time and trying to stay warm. The winds picked up today and it's been chilly outside.

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