Sunday, September 17, 2006

Day +47

Today was cleaning day for me. Cleaning is by choice. I was not assigned the task. The other moms here have called me Betty Crocker and their eyes bulge out when they see me mopping the floor. The kitchen floor is disgusting and our little children have a tendancy to play on it. So I've Swiffed the floor (Swiffer is not toxic, well, it is a chemical but the company says it is safe for children and pets. Please don't send me any more hoaxes). I don't have much else to do but cook and clean (and of course, play with David). Taking care of one child is soooooo easy! My life is a breeze! But I miss all the noise and activity in my real home.

Micahel and the girls came by for dinner this evening. They went camping this weeken at Del Valle Regional Park without me. It felt weird planning their camping trip. They had a great time and had a lot to share when they got back home.

Adira picked up her $100 art contest award. Ariella was a winner today too! The girls went to a bowling party and Ariella won the game with a score of 114 points. Way to go girls! I'm so proud of you!

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