Saturday, September 23, 2006

Day +53 Happy Feast of Trumpets

WBC 7100
ANC 6000
Platelets 174k - yeah! within normal range!
Hemoglobin 11.2 - yeah! went up by itself!

Things are going pretty well. David is feeling great. We finally got his Prograf (immunosuppressant) to a therapeutic level. He's taking 4ml mixed with milk. It's the only med he needs to take by mouth. I'm anxious to start tapering his steroids now that the Prograf is therapeutic.

The girls and I drove to Northern California to celebrate the Feast of Trumpets with my parents. Michael did a great job administering David's meds and taking care of him while we were gone. We had a great time and the girls traveled well. I heard an excellent sermon by Mr. Segall in which he spoke about the power of death and the resurrection and the coming of Christ. It was well worth my time to drive 8 hours to hear him speak. There was so much more he talked about that made an impact on how I view death and the resurrection. It's been a while since I've gone to church, so I felt "fat and happy" after chewing on his sermon and fellowshiping with my church community. On our drive home, I saw a Happi Restaurant and jokingly asked Adira if she would like to eat there and get happy. She wondered if they had a kids meal to help her have a positive attitude. I love her sense of humor!

Last week I wore my pedometer for a couple of days. I clocked 15,000 steps (3.8 miles) and 10,000. Since I don't have a car, David and I get around by walking. The weather has been beautiful. I feel blessed living here during this time of year. What do people do during a winter BMT? Even though I have to be careful with David's sun exposure, I feel the sun has cheered us up and ushered his road to recovery.

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