Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day +65 Hickman Had a Hole

WBC 4700
ANC 4000
Hemoglobin 10.3
Platelets 188k
Chimerism Engraftment 100%

Today was clinic day. It rained last night and all day today. I don't have a car so we had to catch the shuttle to Stanford. I woke up late and rushed to unhook David from the IV hydration. When I flushed his lines I noticed a hole. Then I became frantic. I taped the hole and called the emergency number. I don't know how long the hole was there. It was at least 24 hours from the last time I flushed it. If any germs get into the line he could become quickly sick. It was pouring down rain, but I bought an umbrella the night before. We made the shuttle and the clinic appointment on time. I'm glad I set everything out the night before. It helps to be organized. The vascular team fixed the line without having to do surgery. The hole was above the cap, on the tube. I'm still not sure how it happened but everything is ok now.

We came home for lunch, then went back to the Day Hospital for IVIG. Dr. Dvorak and Karen examined David and talked about how well he is doing. They are very pleased. Dr. Dvorak is in the process of writing a paper about all the children under 3 who've had BMTs at Stanford. He found that those who had perfect matched donors did not develop chronic GVHD. That was good news to my ears.

Mr. Dahlgren watched David for a few hours last night, so I took a break. He gave David a yellow and blue nerf football. It is his first soft football. I tried to tell him to leave it home but he insisted on taking it to clinic today.

David has a close friend here at RMH. His name is Joseph. He had Sickle Cell Anemia. He is only 60% engrafted. He is 4 years old. David cares a lot for him like rubbing his back when he pouts. They are learning to share and get along. I'm really proud of them. I supervise their running races and Joseph always wins, however, David says "I won!" and holds his hands up high. Since it rained today, we had the running races indoors. There is another boy named Daniel who hardly walks b/c his recovery is slow. He is not a happy boy. He sat on the floor watching the boys race. I wish I had a picture for each time he smiled! I have never seen him smile so much! Joseph had asthma in the past, so after three races I tell the boys to take a break. It's a lot of running for David too.

I better stop now before I start crying. The journey here has been interesting. I have had many opportunities to serve (emotionally, financially, and physically). I think we are leaving a mark on the other children and parents in this wing. David's recovery is amazing. He has so much energy. I think it encourages other families to see his energy. There is hope. Praise God for David's energy and temperment.

This week David learned how to peddle a tricycle. I'm so glad he has opportunities to develop.

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