Friday, November 10, 2006

Day +101 Rash

His rash is still spreading which covers more of the torso and back. It dose not bother him. It's a different rash from the GVHD. I told Karen it was spreading and she said if it becomes angry to call her. Otherwise, we will see her on Monday.

We are going home on Sunday. We pray the air purifiers arrive on Saturday.

While we were making lunch today a red-tailed hawk flew right into the kitchen window. Smack! It must of been eating those toxic red berries. I've seen many a birds fly into windows, but never a hawk.


Anonymous said...

Dear Aimee,

We are praying for a smooth transition from RMH to home, this Sunday. It is hard to believe that the time has finally arrived. We pray by tomorrow David's rash begins to clear up, and never to occur again. I realize that the stress is hard on you, and having your dear husband and girls with you again, will make a big difference. Our husbands are our shield, to help us weather the storms in life. May your life go much smoother now, and bond your family ever closer to one another.

Love you.


Anonymous said...

Hoping the move home goes incredibly smoothly and this rash clears up soon! We pray for David and you guys every day. I'm so thrilled that you guys have made it to this point where you can be back at home!!!!