Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day +93 Decreasing Meds

WBC 4000
ANC 3100
Hemoglobin 10.2
Platelets 190k
Weight 12.7
Electrolytes - normal
Kidney functions - normal

Last night was the first night in months that he slept through the night! I kept waking up waiting for him to wake up. I checked his neck twice for tubing stragulation and periodically woke up to hear him breath. At least he got a good nights' sleep.

The steroids were reduced to 0.5ml one time/day. As long as there are no flareups within the next 2 weeks we will discontinue them. The Prograf level was 10.3. This is normal. The level will go down when the steroids are reduced so we are not making any changes to the Prograf dose.

I will use up the next 2 bags of IV hydration. He will go without hydration on Saturday and Sunday.

He got IVIG today. The next IVIG infusion will be on 11/30 then on 12/28. He will continue to get Pentamadine once/month.

We are scheduled to leave RMH on Sunday, Nov 12. After that, we will go to clinic every Thursday in November and December.

At about Day +180 (January 28) he will have his immune functions tested. They will never do a bone marrow aspirate unless something goes wrong. They are satisfied with the chimerism study results.

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