Monday, November 06, 2006

Day +97 Groin Fungal Infection

His groin has been swollen and irritated. I called the doctor last week to report this. He said to keep an eye on him and to call if he is febrile. I've been using Nystatin (anti-fungal cream) but it did not help and the infection kept spreading. He was also taking Fluconozole (anti-fungal oral med) up until today. These meds are good at killing anti-fungal infections, but not the one David has. I took him to clinic today to get checked out. Dr. Dvorak said the infection might be a type of strepococcus, which Nystatin nor Flucolozole would kill. If it gets worse it could go into his blood stream. So he prescribed liquid penicillin for 10 days. The Fluconozole was discontinued. The infection/rash is not GVHD, thankfully! Hopefully, he will perk up. He's been feeling under the weather. He is eating, but not much. His weight is down to 12.2 kilos.

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