Saturday, January 27, 2007

Specific Prayers Needed

1. Healing of the graft-vs-host disease
2. That his lymphocytes become 100% donor cells
3. That his blood type convert over to the donor's blood type

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Anonymous said...

Baden's Mom here. Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you all and that we hope that David's chimerism results for the lymphocytes improve.
Baden has always had >90% results on his chimerism tests. However, in January 2005 his lymph nodes went wacky. They did not do a chimerism at the time so I so not know if it was affected. We went through a period of about 2 months where his lymph nodes were extremely enlarged. The doctors were very concerned and they even removed a golf ball sized lymph node from under his arm. We were very scared, but when they did the biopsy of the lymph node there was nothing they could find. After about 2 months the lymph nodes went back to normal and he was fine. To this day no one knows what caused this to happen. The doctors wondered if there was some sort of infection in the lymph nodes but nothing showed up on the tests they did. He did get Rosiola Virus and PCP pnuemonia almost immediately following this so they wondered if he was fighting something off. Anyway, I noticed the other day that the lymph node behind his neck was still a little large but I have learned to take things one day at a time and not worry too much. There is no day like today! I don't know if my story helps, but I can say Baden's lymph node episode was a bump in the road, but now we are back on smooth tarmac. Thinking positive, maybe David's results are that way because of the drugs he is on, or maybe the blood sample was not good. We will pray that good results come your way soon (and for no GVHD).