Tuesday, March 27, 2007

+237 Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

WBC 19,300 - high
Hemoglobin - 8.0 low but his retic count is high so no transfusion needed
Platelets - 262
Weight 12.1 - pretty good for not wanting to eat

He had a stable temp of 101 degrees most of the day without Tylenol. They gave me a choice to give Tylenol or wait and see if it goes up or down. It went up to 102.7 so we gave Tylenol. He really dislikes all medicines, so it was a struggle getting him to take 1 ml. The nurse made some cool wash cloths for him to help cool him down.

The resident doctor said his urine grew bacteria. He has an urinary tract infection (UTI). I asked if this was common with uncircumcised boys...answer...Yes. David has not been circumcised because of his history of low platelets. I asked Dr. Argawal last week if they could circumcise him when they take out his central line but her answer was "No" because he is on immunosuppressants. The operation site could be a source of infection and he does not have an immune system to fight it off. Uncircumcised boys are at risk for UTI, but David is at a higher risk since he is immunosuppressed.

They started a third IV antibiotic for UTI called Amikacin which is a class of drugs called aminoglycoside antibiotics. They have him on Vancomyocin and Ceftaxadine. I'll see if any of these can be reduced. Pray for his kidneys to hang in there.

I had no inclination he had a urinary tract infection. He did not complain about pain and there was no foul odor. When the emergency doctor was trying to figure out David's diagnosis, he said in order to test for UTI they would need to use a catheter. The male nurse was reluctant to wake David up for this procedure . We were admitted before they had a chance. Then when we arrived in 2 North, they said a urine sample works just fine so no catheter needed. What a blessing!

I was later told that introducing any foreign object into his body is not welcomed at this time since he is immunosuppressed. No catheters or rectal temps. He's done just fine without those awful procedures.

He only had a bite of toast today and a few sips of milk. He breastfed for 10 minutes which was really good. I bought cranberry juice for myself and hope he receives benefit through my breastmilk.

I was alarmed to see petichiae on his neck. I haven't seen petichiae since July 2006. His platelets are fine, so they are checking his coagulation numbers to make sure he's not bleeding internally. It sounds serious but I think he is fine. Here is a photo of minor petichiae.

Thank you again for your prayers! Things are going smoothly.

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