Thursday, April 12, 2007

+253 Low Hemoglobin

WBC 9,600 - normal
Hemoglobin 8.0 - low
Platelets 270 - normal
Weight 12.7 kilos - he was wearing shoes and had a full diaper
Prograf level 2.7 - yikes! too low.

It's been a busy day. He had an appointment in clinic at 9am. Then they told us to go to the Day Hospital. They were all confused. I had the girls with me today. We had to be back home by 11am for piano practice. They drew blood and let us go. We made it home with plenty of time before piano. Dr. Argawal called at 12 noon to tell us David's hemoglobin was low and he needs a transfusion. He is doing fine but was looking pale and a little grumpy. He is still O+. We are not sure why he has not converted to B+. One idea is that the O+ transfusions are delaying his conversion. Dr. Argawal will speak with Dr. Weinberg this week. Dr. Weinberg is on duty next week (April 19) when David is due for Zenopax, IVIG, and Pentamadine.

His Prograf (immunosuppressant) level was 2.7 today. It was 3.2 last week. It's way too low. Dr. Argawal could not tell me why it's so low. She said to up the dose to 3mg (6ml/twice/day).

I picked up another refill of Prednisolone (the steroid to stop GVHD) and Folic Acid.

The rest of his labs look great. The magnesium was normal. It's been just a little low. I started taking Migralief which is a supplement comprised of magnesium, riboflavin, and fever few. I get several headaches per month so when I heard about this natural supplement (and all the people who've benefited) I jumped at the opportunity. Perhaps the extra magnesium I take is coming through the breast milk and benefiting David.

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