Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another Family with WAS

I met a nice family (through email) with two boys who have WAS (ages 3 and 1 year). They have the exact same mutation as David's! They are in the middle of decision making. I know how it feels to agonize over a bone marrow transplant when our son did not have any symptoms except for thrombocytopenia. It's hard to fathom going through a BMT when our sons don't have a bad case of WAS...Let alone two transplants!

Thanks, Rachel, for making a comment about your son who had a successful transplant 6 years ago!

I appreciate all the families I have had contact with. We continue to pray for those struggling with this disorder.


im1blessedmom said...

Hello, I also have a son with WAS. He had a successful transplant when he was 3 months old. He is now about to be 6 in May. It is nice to read that your son is doing well. God bless,

Aimee said...

Hi, Rachel. It's good to hear from a family who had a successful transplant! I can't imagine going through a transplant with a baby only 3 months old.