Tuesday, May 08, 2007


David and I have been through a lot the past four days. The bacteria species has not been identified yet. The general family of bacteria was identified but they had to send out the specimen for rapid identification. It's not rapid by any means. We're all working according "bacterial" time. They will not release David until it's been identified.

Then comes the placement of a PICC line in his arm. This infuriated me because they do not even know the bacteria, yet they "think" he will need IV antibiotics when he goes home. Fine. But why put the PICC line in BEFORE you know!?! I was so upset. Normally, I'm very easy to get along with, but the past two days has been difficult to keep a smile on my face. Everyone who knows us is taken by surprise and takes it personally. It's hard to remain in good spirits when your child is poked unnecessarily. So now I have to do more line care at home, administer IV antibiotics, clean it, and if he gets a fever it's back to emergency. Big sigh!

The good news is that David is doing very well. He is not sick. He did well with the PICC line and anesthesia (again!). He is such a joy to everyone who comes in contact with him. The little phrases he says to the nurses are so cute. He makes us all laugh so much. Right before going under anesthesia he told the nurse he wanted a sandwich. He did so well fasting for 14 hours.

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