Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Big sigh! BMTs have a long recovery.

I don't have much to say today. I'm happy with the rash on his face. It is not worse. I think the Emu Oil is helping.

Tomorrow, Thursday, is CT scan day. No solids after midnight. Clear liquids up until 10am, breastmilk until 11am. We need to be there at 12:30pm. Scan is at 2:00pm. They want to put him under anesthesia. This upset me because during the last CT scan he did fine with Ativan (just made him sleepy but he was awake) and did not move during the scan. They also need to put an IV in his hand because the PICC line in his arm is not adequate for the contrast they need to inject for the scan. One more upset is that I cannot be with him. I was with him last time. The anesthesiologist said they need to concentrate. His last scan was done while inpatient. That's the big difference. The outpatient staff do things a lot differently. Hopefully, I'm upset for nothing. Hopefully, the scan will come out clear and all of this will not matter.

Prayerfully, we move onward...

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