Wednesday, August 01, 2007

+365 One Year Post BMT!!!!!!!

Chem 23 test looks good.

BUN is up to 27 (he's been running about 24 which is on the high end. Should not go over 25) The doctor told me he might not have had enough water the day before. So, my goal is to give him plenty of water the morning before the test.

Prograf Level 6.7 - should be between 7-11. We went up to 4.25ml/twice/day. I think this will do the trick and we might see more skin improvements.

His skin GVHD is still noticeable but it's not bothering him. His skin is dry so I ordered a larger bottle of Emu Oil. Emu Oil has been known to help with inflammation.

We are getting a little better at dealing with the roid rage. The high pitched screaming is hard to deal with. I really need to bring this all to God b/c everything feels so much out of my control.

Forgive my math. There is no way we went from +346 to +365 in seven days. Amy, would you please ask your husband to write a macro for me so I can accurately keep track of what +day we are really on!

I met a wonderful family from England whose son, William, is having a BMT in September 2007. He produces no WAS protein, therefore, has a severe case of WAS. Thankfully, his symptoms have not been severe!Please visit their blog and send words of encouragement: Many of us know the difficulties associated with BMTs. Please send them a note of encouragement.

This is David's one-year post-BMT anniversary! As Belinda reminded me, many children do not live past this point. We are thankful, AS EVER, to have a living son who is thriving!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Happy Transplant Anniversary. The first year is the toughest and I am happy to see that David is doing well. This will be a day you can celebrate for years to come. We will be singing 'Happy Transplant to You' to Baden on August 11 for his fourth anniversary.
Stay strong.
Joanne Klein

Anonymous said...

Hello David,

I just want to congratulate you on how far you have come in life. i too am ! year post BMT (November 21st 2007) i had a relapse of AML leukemia from when i was 13. i got the same thing again 1/2 way through my HSC. i know how difficult it can be post transplant. and i scincierly give you all my best of wishes and love.

From Michon :>