Sunday, September 02, 2007

Iron Overdose

WBC 14.0
Hemoglobin 12.1 - normal! All by itself! Doc says it's not due to iron overdose.
Lymphocytes Absolute - 1.94 (3.0-9.5 normal range) I'm keeping my eyes on this.
Weight 27 lbs.
Prograf level 3.5 - low because he lost a dose last night.

David is in emergency right now (Sunday afternoon). His 6 year old sister knows how to open child proof caps and opened a bottle of pediatric iron tablets on Friday afternoon, which taste like candy. I caught David locked in the girls' room with tablets spewed all over the floor. He was fine, smiling, looking at me like, "I didn't do nothin'." Poison Control takes worse case scenario. There were 20 tabs missing at 7mg each. Not enough to die from, but he vomited 4 hours straight last night and really bad diarrhea. Not good for a post BMT patient! He is doing really good now. He is keeping food down and looks great. He recovered all on his own without hydration or extra meds. They are keeping him here for blood tests, then we should be able to go home. There was also a lot of blood in the diaper (update: I think it might have been iron, which looks red like blood!).

We are working really hard with my 6 year old daughter who has a bad sneaking habit, which is a sin, also called stealing! It could have killed him! It hit home to both her and my older daughter. They were bawling their eyes out to think David was in danger. My older daughter is such a blessing! She informed me of the two other kids taking the tablets, then after a hard night for me last night, she got up and told David stories while I got breakfast and coffee ready. It took a lot of stress off my shoulders. She is such a sweetheart, 100 times over!

We've been here from 10am-7pm. A day wasted for me, but David is fine!


Anonymous said...


Thank goodness everyone is OK. Jacob can also open safety caps. just what I need.

FYI, our lab print outs say that normal lymphocyte levels are 2.0 to 8.0. He is almost there.

Relax and breath.


Anonymous said...

Never a boring moment.
One can never have enough eyes for the kids....
As long as he is ok that is the main thing...
what great haemoglobin results...
thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

Your angels are watching over you and your children. Count your blessings that your children are safe. I'm sure this lesson will be long remembered by your daughters.

Love, Ellie

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear David recovered well from the iron tablets. Those kids do keep us on our toes, don't they! I've finally updated CJ's site. I've been taking my post-BMT complications frustrations out on myself by not updating his site. I can honestly say that if I never see another oral syringe in my life it will be too soon! Take care...I still have some of the tea left you sent me. I save it for those times when I REALLY need to relax (almost always after the kids are finally in bed)!

Autumn LaPenta