Friday, December 14, 2007

Quote - Simplicities

"Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge" - Winston Churchill

Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome is an intensely complex disorder. What David and our family have withstood is intensely complex. We are thankful for the small things in life. We are thankful when he awakes every morning, runs, talks, and yes...causes us grief.

We are thankful for the intense trials associated with Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome and the bone marrow transplant, for what has emerged is a thankfulness and a gratefulness for the simplicities that so many take for granted.

For those who have children, be thankful for when they walk and talk. Hug and tell your children how much you deeply love them, everyday!

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Anonymous said...

We had friends over yesterday and Jacob laughed, ran and played like any other boy. It filled me with enormous joy, and not just because we could talk in peace. Enjoy your simple times together. I think that very few people realize how precious they are.