Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Colitis = "col" colon "itis" inflammation

Good news! All of the blood cultures are negative. His GI track shows mild inflammation and colitis which was the main cause for the bloody stools. No graft-vs-host disease in his gut. The mild acute colitis with cryptitis. They say its from long-term use of steroids or the Cellcept medication he was on. I read that the effects of colitis can be reduced by changing the diet, by avoiding carbohydrates and lactose products. David is a huge fan of these! They put him on an antacid (Prevacid solutab, not the Zantac) to help counter the effects of the steroids/colitis. They stopped the Cellcept until further notice. They increased the Prograf to 6mls/twice day.

It feels like a never-ending cycle. His is doing very well, back to his active self. His skin graft-vs-host disease is still flaring up, so they are trying hard to control it. The CT scan of his lungs is 100% clear. He had a very hard-to-treat micobacteria in his lungs last spring, was on antibiotics for 6 months, now it is healed.

There are many things to be thankful for but he is not living a normal healthy life which bothers me a lot. We continue to ask for your prayers that God's will be done in David's life. We hope that His will is to heal him, grant him great health, therefore, we press on with faith (even though it wavers) and prayers. This is all stressful for Adira and Ariella as well. Please pray for them. They had a hard week too. I think the kids and I will go to the beach this week and re-group. The ocean has tremendous healing powers, which I mean in a Godly way, for it was He who created it for us to enjoy.

In Christian Love,

Aimee, Michael, Adira, Ariella, and David

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