Thursday, February 07, 2008

Zenopax and Potty Training

WBC - 13.4
Hemoglobin -13.4
Platelets - 320k
Prograf level - 4.5 low but may have been a mistake

His labs are all normal except the liver function numbers looked high, but they told me to give him more liquids and they will look at it again in two weeks.

We went to the Day Hospital. The nursepractioner had ordered IVIG but I reminded them that he had IVIG two weeks ago. He receives IVIG every 4 weeks. The nurse had his IV premedications all ready to administer but I caught it. Please stay on your toes! David's care has become so automatic, I sometimes don't question procedures. It's so very important to stay on guard.

I bit the bullet and started toilet training. He's doing pretty good. Lots of accidents but for the most part he is sensitive and prefers not to make messes in his pants. What a blessing! He is still young enough to have fun with sticker charts which are a huge motivation. He insisted his sisters have a potty sticker chart too. The girls are still at the age to have fun with it, so they agreed. They are so encouraging and helpful to him. He filled up his sticker chart first and declared all day, "I won!" The girls abliged.

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