Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday - Children's Inn at NIH

Weight: 13.8 kg - I need this boy to GROW!
Height: 88cm - GROW BABY GROW!
Prograf level: 10 - good
Blood Pressure: 112/84 - good!

I feel so blessed by the generosity of strangers! Last night a local woman's group made a delicious buffet meal for the entire facility. Today, when we got back from NIH, there was a huge creative gift basket (it was not a weaved basket, rather a cake storage container) for every family which contained different Israeli foods for Purim. A volunteer made a trip to the store for us to buy some basic food for us. If you ever have the opportunity to volunteer for a children's hospital or their temporary home (like Ronald McDonald House), please do it. We are so thankful for people like you!

The staff at NIH were really nice to David. He had a lot of blood drawn for the WAS and GVHD studies. This was the hardest part of the day. He had an Echocardiogram and was so exhausted he slept during the procedure. His VSD (heart murmur) is 3mm. It has not changed since transplant. We spoke to a few experts. Bones are often brittle due to steroid use, so he had a bone density scan that lasted 3 minutes. He layed on a bed while a laser scanned over his spine, femur, and wrist. We will receive results of all the tests in about 2 weeks.

It does not sound like much happened, but we were there from 7:30am to 2:30pm. I'm going to relax now. It's been a long day.

Oh, here is one more Christian family that puts me in awe. They have a genetic disorder which was passed to all four of their boys! All of the boys required a BMT. Can you imagine what a burden that must have been?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sweeties,
I was glad to find your postings and to hear how things are going with you and David. I am thinking about you all the time and sending you good thoughts and lots of love!

Try to squeeze in some fun!