Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Day +700 Club - Anyone Want to Join?

Thank you all for your prayers and emails. You have encouraged me one hundred fold.

David is doing a little better. He slept through the night except to wake me up at 2am to tell me he was hungry. He's been eating very small portions and drinking.

Unfortunately, I think I brought this upon him. I realized it might not have been the feta cheese afterall. Yesterday I smelt the Vit D milk I gave him and it was bad. We usually do not drink cow milk but he requested it so I bought some. I was not as diligent to make sure it was good. It had not expired yet, so I did not think about smelling it.

The flip side is I think he will be ok for now. Thank you from the bottom, top, inside, outside, and underneath of my heart!

David is on Day +700! I thought this was a good number, so I made a music video for him. The video should have been posted on his birthday, but I did not have time.

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