Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day +723 Day Hospital Zenopax and update

He went to the Day Hospital for routine infusion of Zenopax. The doctors were not happy with how his skin looked so they put him back on steroids twice/day. We tried for about 4 weeks to do steroids once/day to see if his body could go without steroids for 24hours. This would enable his body to rest and grow. However, his body cannot handle that so he is back on steroids twice/day.

His daily aches and pains seem to have gotten better. I was not giving him the regular dose of liquid calcium, so I started that daily. I think it helped.

Current meds:

steroids (immunosuppressant) - 2ml/twice/day
Prograf (immunosuppressant) - 7ml/twice/day
Septra (prevent bacterial infections)
Isradipine (blood pressure) - 2ml/twice/day
Melt-away (can't remember the name but it's to control acid in the stomach)
Zenopax (immunosuppressant)
IVIG (Gamunex - immune booster)
Liquid Calcium

I still haven't ordered the Culturella (probiotic) or the Colostrum. I can't seem to find the time!

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