Monday, November 24, 2008

+826 The End

First question:

David: "Mama, when is the end?"
Mama: "The end of what?"
David: "The end of the world?"
Mama surprised: "The end of the world!?!"
David: giggle! giggle! giggle! (such a teaser)

Next question:

David: "What's 100 pluss 100?"
Mama: "Two hundred."

Next question:

David: "Mama, do you know how to make glass windows?"
Mama: "No, I don't"
David: "God make glass windows. He make everything in the whole world. He a very tough man." (that's MY BOY!)

End of conversation.


Carol said...

Hi there. My son Mason Bauman had WAS. I remember being in touch with you. Can I have your email so I can ask you a few questions? Thanks!!

Unknown said...

I just love reading these questions... they make me laugh every time :D