Sunday, December 07, 2008

+839 Getting Good Feedback

I just wanted to say that I'm thankful for the individuals who have given me a piece of advice for the difficult decision we have to make about David's treatment changes. You all have responded so quickly and kindly. Thank you so much!

God's word has spoken clearly to me: Do not fear. "Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?" I Cor 15:55. Whatever happens to David, he is in God's hands. God created him and God owns his life. All I can do is pray, ask, seek, and knock for David. Everything that happens to David is for a reason. God has a purpose for him and for us (his parents). I will not fear. This does not mean I will let any doctor just do what he pleases to "heal" David, or to prevent the disease from progressing. I'm very protective over him and will do my best to make the best decision possible for his medical care.


Susan said...

Hi There Mate,

Gee it is nice to see the pic's of david he is so cute and changing too. It looked like a nice holiday.
How is his pains going...
I hope you have a lovely and safe season's greeting, not sure how it works for you but I hope your season's is a safe one mate.

Ebony Smith said...

Wiskott Aldrich syndrome is very dangerous. My little sister's baby died last month on Sept.23,2009. One day before his 1st birthday a little baby boy loved by so many people gone .hE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL FOR TWO MONTHS BEFORE HE DIED HE DID RECIEVE A STEM CELL TRANSPLANT, IT DIDN'T WORK. R.I.P DESHAUN YOUR FAMILY WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU BABY. BORN SEPT.24,2008 / DIED SEPT.23,2009

Anonymous said...

I'm pregnant right now only 2 months before my baby is here I'm scared. My nephew just died last month a day beffore his 1st birhtday I'm still very hurt. Wiskott Aldrich syndrome should be bbetter funded mybe this wouldn'd have happened to a loving baby boy like Deshaun. My little sister had to lose her baby I'm upset / why wouldn'd anyone help us. R.I.P Deshaun Your Family will ALWAYS LOVE YOU BABY. 9/24/2008 - 9/24/2009

Ebony Smith said...
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