Monday, February 02, 2009

+916 - Watch out for Dog Licks

No wonder God gave me a very strong dislike for dogs licking me! I read this article to my children. We were all shocked that a dog lick could be so dangerous, but if you think about what the dogs are licking - totally grosses me out!,21985,24075396-661,00.html

We hope to get a dog one day. Can someone engineer a dog without a tounge please?

And to think the pet therapy dog who came to visit David last week, licked my daughters hand. I told my daughter not to let the dog do that, and the owner said, "Why?" I just told her I do not like dogs licking my this too much to ask?

Dog owners...please take inventory about what your dogs are licking and tell me if you would like to loose your face?

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