Tuesday, May 12, 2009

+1014 - A Negative Blog Post

I was told recently by someone who said she does not like reading my blog because it is so negative. I really don't have time to address this, but here are my thoughts:

1. You are right. I should be rejoicing in tribulation and giving thanks in all things. I'm sorry I am not perfect and I'm sorry my son is not perfect. I am also sorry God has not healed him.

2. Try having a chronically ill child.

3. At some point in this journey it became apparent that David's skin was not improving thus my emotions about his health have changed. Again, I'm sorry to so deeply disappoint you.

4. I wonder how taking trips to beautiful Yosemite, to the beach, to Florida, etc. are considered negative. If you only knew what a blessing these trips have been to our family.

5. Welcome to the world of sickness which will not change until God's kingdom is established on this earth. He will, in His time, take away every sorrow, every sickness, every disease.

6. For those who have similar thoughts, please read this blog as a way to pray for David and his needs.

Thank you to the moms and friends, especially those who know exactly what we are facing, for your encouragement, for your support, for your love (even though I have never met you face to face), and for your courage to keep reading David's blog even though I don't constantly sing sunshine.


Errica said...

Whoever said that to you, Aimee, should have kept her feelings to herself. This is YOUR space, YOUR forum, and YOUR way to release some of the tension you live with every day. It is a place that I like to look to check up on David so that I don't have to ask you go over everything again and again. I support you completely and am often amazed and humbled by your strength. Love you!

Catherine and Robert said...

Aimee, say what you need to say to ease the pain. whatever helps you.
know that you have helped so many others through this blog when no one else was there.
we will follow you wherever this journey takes you - please keep sharing.
Catherine (fellow WAS mum)

Sumathi said...

Dear Aimee,
Thank you for being honest and open and sharing your life with us. Your courage and strength in the face of what you are going through help me when I go through rough patches in my life with Amal.

Only someone walking in your shoes can understand what you are going through. We are here to support you with whatever you are going through. Please continue to do what gives you peace of mind and spirit.

Wishing you peace and better health for David,


Anonymous said...


I am thankful for you, your post and your sweet David. As a fellow WAS Mom, I have been able to learn so much from you. Through your posts, you have also gained one more family who is praying for David and thinking of him everyday.

With love,

Sebastian De La Puente Lazarte said...

Aimee, my son Sebastián had WAS. Now, after the transplant he is almost cured but we need a little more time yet.
During past two years, since we realized that my son was not normal, your blog has been the most important source of imformation and hope. We are indebted to you and we are very gratefull to you for being our guide is these dificult moments in which noboby knows waht could happen or what is serius or not. Every day we checked your blog to see as a route map about the possibilities of my Sebastian.
We always pray for David and hope his problem ends soon. Please go ahead with the blog, it is very possitive, in fact, every day is a miracle for a child with WAS after the transplant no matter it is a day at the hospital or at the beach, only to wake up and see that your son is alive is the better reason for pray and share with the world. THANKS!

BobM said...

If they don't like reading your blog, then they don't have to. What a dumb thing for them to share with you!

Your honest conveyance of your circumstances (including your emotions) is what makes your blog such a blessing for so many people.

It recently struck me that the challenges we face in this life, and some certainly face more difficult ones than others, can be viewed as a sort of 'photographic negative' of just how wonderful, how satisfying, how gloriously happy it's going to be on the other side in His kingdom.

Hope His hands provide healing soon to David's hands; in the meantime, keep up the good fight. You continue to inspire many, including this old WAS warrior...

Lanta Bice Totten said...

Oh Aimee. This hurts my heart that some one would put that on you. Your blog is so honest and such a blessing. It is hard to face facts and read hard things, but this blog was intended to share your journey and perhaps, share your burden by being able to emote. Only someone who has walked this path knows it's sorrow and then, no one path looks the same. I send all of my love to you and for David's healing and also, all the best wishes for your beautiful new addition. What a wonderful family! Many hugs to you, my friend!

Margie said...

Oh Aimee, I have to agree that this person should have kept their thoughts to themselves and just stopped reading your blog if they find it too difficult to face. Of course this is YOUR place for to express your concerns, worries, disappointments and joys! I have not walked your path, so I cannot even imagine your situation, and I often am amazed at the strength you show in dealing with the things this Syndrome has brought to your family.

Please, please keep using the blog to record what YOU feel a need to express and don't let this person's comment cause you to censor what you share. As always, your family and especially David, are in my prayers