Friday, June 05, 2009

+1038 Sirolimus

Photos of Henry Cowell. David was only briefly in the sun.

David started a new medication today called Sirolimus. Same idea as before: we hope it will help his skin GVHD so we can taper the steroids.


Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well with sirolimus. It really shut down Jacob's bone marrow and we saw a drop in a lot of his numbers. Doctor's said it was an unusual side effect, but wanted to give you the heads up. Good luck.


p.s. Baby is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Still keeping up with your posts... Your newest addition is so sweet.. how are you managing..
hoping this new drug works..


Sumathi said...

Hi Aimee,

Hope all goes well with the sirolimus and that it puts out that GVH for good. Hope the little guy is letting you rest at least a little bit.

Take care,